Why THiNKtech?

Published on September 27, 2019 by THiNKtech

The 2019 school year is in full swing and THiNKtech is on the front edge of helping teachers transform their classroom into a shared experience.

Made for teachers by teachers, THiNKtech delivers seven innovative apps that give you the power to design interactive lessons built to increase student engagement.

Let us show you the power THiNKtech can have in your classroom and district with our explainer video below:


Some key takeaways from the video:

Why? - We believe students should be the hardest workers in the classroom.

How? - Our product makes whole class engagement and responsive teaching simple. 

What? - Learning becomes a shared experience.


We look forward to sharing more content with you as the school year continues!

To learn more about how THiNktech is changing the dynamic in 1:1 environments, email us at hello@thinktechsolutions.org.